What's Kindred Gamer

Online Matchmaking App for Xbox, Playstation and Steam. Schedule matches, find players with like skill, get help with achievements, find campaign partners. Granular preferences support such options as Girls Only, Age Min/Max, etc.

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To coincide with our website launch we will be offering the limited time Early Adopter badge (100 pts) to every new person who registers for our site. Once we reach 100 200 users this badge will be retired and will no longer be attainable. We have extended this promotion to the first 200 users

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Forget your no-show friends and start spraying shots with like minded fraggers! We've built a community for gamers to schedule and find custom game sessions (Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, BattleFront,Rainbow 6, Destiny and many more) with like skilled players.

We got sick and tired of our friends saying they were up for game night and not playing. It's not like we dragged them: kicking and screaming.
They even said they were down for a gaming session and they never showed up! Meanwhile I see them on Netflix browsing and ignoring my game requests.

So we are starting a community where it's easy to coordinate attribute specific games sessions.

Here's some of what we've built:

  • Choose age group to game with
  • Choose skill level
  • Girl only sessions
  • Game type (ffa, gun game, raids, team deathmatch, sticks and stones, etc.)
  • Schedule matches or play now
  • Chat with your group members

Here's how it works

After registering, select a game you are interested in playing. Then simply search active groups or start your own new group.

Create and Search Group Sessions by Criteria

Choose specific gaming modes, preferences, and time

Search groups/Sessions, enter lobby, request to join and chat

Search for specific groups
Chat with fellow group members

Manage Group Session For multi games in your Dashboard

Custom Dsahboard view for ease of use

Manage Registered Events in your Dashboard

Xbox, Steam and Playstation Events

RegisterIt's Free and takes less than a minute!

Don't forget to sign up for any upcoming events you may be interested in as well.

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